Know if Medicare Cover Your Walk-In Tub

If you are thinking about getting a walk in tub, you are probably wondering if Medicare pays for the installation and all costs of a walk in tub. Well, unfortunately they don´t.

Now you must be asking yourself why they do not pay for a walk in tub for seniors or someone with any kind of disability.


The main reason is that Medicare does not consider these types of tubs appropriate, secure and comfortable enough for seniors who need special care when it comes to bathing. They only provide monetary support in some rare cases.

But there are some options to help people manage the cost of buying a walk in tub.

What it means to install a walk in tub?

To install a walk in tub results in a few modifications of your bathroom, and those modifications that Medicare is not willing to cover. So, to install a walk in tub you will have to change a few things; you will have to adapt your bathroom.

What does Medicare pay for?

Medicare usually pays for a few items considered as durable equipment. For example, they pay for a bed which is specially designed to look and work as a hospital bed; they pay for special chairs; some patients can´t stand by their selves so they need a lift, which Medicare pays for, and they also pay for special commodes.

All these changes and objects will help seniors to use a shower or tub safe.

When can one be a beneficiary?

To be a Medicare beneficiary is not very simple but, if you want to try, you might need to do a few things to prove your disability or someone else´s. probably a medical diagnosis will be needed, as well as a medical report proving the diagnosis, or a prescription written by a registered physician.

Diagnosis and prescription will prove the need for a special walk in tub.

What might go wrong?

Even if you have all the authentic documents asked for the Medicare, it is not guaranteed that Medicare will provide you assistance.

So, the best thing to do is to look for a walk in tub which you can afford by yourself, without needing the Medicare support. It means you should not expect that you will get the support you need form the Medicare just because you have all the documents to prove that you need that help.

Costs of getting walk in tubs

These tubs are not cheap, but it varies. For example, for the common ones you will pay from $1,500 to $3,000 more or less.

But, if you need a tub with wheel chair accessibility you will pay a little more, they will cost you something like $3.500, $5000.

Like we said before, the price varies according to its material, for example; you can choose an acrylic tub or a fiberglass tub.

Also, you have to consider the installation which you will have to pay for because it is not simple for you to do it by yourself. You will pay from $500 to $5000.


Walk in Tub and Installation Prices

If you are looking for a walk in tub, you are probably aware of its benefits and advantages. You may be looking for yourself or for someone else with any kind of disability, and we are here to help you with that decision.

When it comes to walk in tubs, the best thing to do first is search for prices and, the most important thing, about installation. In case you didn´t know, walk in tubs need professional installation, and we are here to discuss prices, materials, styles and much more about walk in tubs.


Tubs prices

Let´s start talking about money. You will be able to buy a good walk in tub starting with $1000 going up.

Because there are so many models and manufactures, you will find walk in tubs for many prices, but if you pay less than $1000 don´t expect too much of it.

Of course you can find, for example, a walk in tub for $12,000, but then you will have to prepare yourself to have the best bathing experience and in absolutely safety. Resuming, you can purchase a top of the line walk in tub from $3000 to $5000.

Installation price

After buying your new walk in tub, or even better, before buying it, you need to find out about its installation. Walk in tubs require professional installation, unless it is a portable model, so you will need to spend extra money on that.

But, some tubs may sound too expensive compared to other models, but sometimes they are actually not, because installation is included in the price.

So, to pay $7000 on a walk in tub may have more advantages than paying $1000 and have to pay to install it, and the price for installation is more or less $3000.

Materials and accessories

All walk in tubs are usually made of acrylic or fiber glass and both are great. It is really up to you to decide which one suits your needs better. Some walk in tubs have a seat, so if you have someone in your home which can´t stand for a long time, or lose their balance, make sure to buy a tub with a seat.

Make sure that the walk in tub you are thinking about buying have a grip bar because it you give you or your loved one more confident.

A tub is a tub, but you can add accessories like a handheld shower head that can be wall mounted. Make you bath time an amazing experience!

You know that walk in tubs have doors, that´s why they are much safer than regular tubs, and some doors will have inward opening, and others doors swing outward.

That´s why it also important to think about the size of your bathroom before getting a walk in tub.

The sizes range from about 36″-60″ in length with the mid-range being about 48″-51″ long, so if you don’t have much space make sure to buy a small size tub.

Jacuzzi Walk in Tub Review

When you hear someone saying that has a Jacuzzi, or needs to install a Jacuzzi, instinctively you picture a hot tub; and that´s because the brand Jacuzzi is the most hot tub in the world. That´s why use the words “hot tub” and “Jacuzzi” synonymously.

The history of the Jacuzzi industry starts in 1960 when it was created the first walk in tub with Jacuzzi. But, it was in 1968 that the first Jacuzzi tub was manufactured for the first time by the Jacuzzi brothers after they have already invented a portable type of hydrotherapy pump.

Jacuzzi Walk in Tub

The idea behind the production of The Jacuzzi tub came from the Jacuzzi brothers who wanted to provide comfort and security to a family member who suffered arthritis.

They thought who could offer some relief through hydrotherapy. And, hydrotherapy was used for the first time in a whirlpool type bathtub, made and marketed by Roy Jacuzzi, who is a Jacuzzi family member form the third generation and this happened twelve years after the pump was invented.

Features such as large sized tubs, water filtrations and others, have been incorporated to the into The Jacuzzi walk in tubs. But it was only in 1980 that the first hot water tub suitable for outdoor installation was developed for the first time.

Jacuzzi Walk in Tubs

Jacuzzi walk in tubs with water jets started to be sold right next. These tub had hydrotherapy pumps that sucked the water contained inside the tub through pipes and recycled it back into the tub by means of jets.

The only goal of using water jets in the Jacuzzi was to provide massaging effect to the person bathing, which would help to relieve any kind of muscle´s pain. Thanks to technological advancements, Jacuzzi have become not only the best band because of its design, but now also because of its features.

The water jets, which were positioned in just one direction, now can move according to the user´s needs, providing massaging effect to different parts of the body. People who use hydrotherapy will know experience also therapeutic effects and will feel free from pain caused by injuries, illnesses and disabilities, for a longer time.

Resuming, as you and the whole world knows, Jacuzzi is not only known and loved because of its modern and stylish walk in tub, but because of it impeccable high quality products.


So, because of that, you can´t expect to pay less for a Jacuzzi. They are made with top of the line materials and are a last long product. If you are thinking about getting a Jacuzzi, you will have to pay around 4000$ – 4500$ for a basic model.

A lot of types, models, materials and designs are available in the market nowadays, so it will be easy to find one that suits your needs. You have someone suffering from blood circulation problems or someone who is experiencing muscular tension, don´t wait any longer and buy yourself a Jacuzzi walk in tub.

Premier Care Bathing Review 2016

We are a walk in tubs manufacture which started in 1985 as family business worried about making bath safer and more comfortable for senior citizens, elderly and people with disabilities.

Having this idea in mind, you have become a Premier Care in Bathing. We are the only company making and selling walk in tubs which takes care of our customers from the moment they purchase our tub to installation and beyond.

Premier Care Bathing Walk in Tub

With this article you will introduce you to three of our walk in tubs; Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub, Classic Walk-In Bathtubs and Powered Walk-In Bath Tubs.

Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub

This is our original model and one of the favorites between our customers. The Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub is a simple tub, not complicated, easy to use and very efficient. If you are looking for a low easy access to the tub, this one is perfect. This model comes with a few optional features such as shower canopy, shower with an adjustable shower head, and the Hydrovescent Therapy system.

The Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub includes the basics when it comes to a high quality walk in tub, which is easy entry, wide door, safety handle, comfortable, slip-resistant seat and backrest, compact size, ambidextrous door, and our guaranteed, leak free design.

Classic Walk-In Bathtubs

If you want a relaxing bath in a deep tub, then you will love our Classic Walk-In Bathtubs. This model includes two styles, both featuring slip resistant to allow drenched in complete comfort and safety.

Our seat will allow you to stand safely and exit without the risk of falling. Hydrovescent Therapy which is optional will help you with aches and pains, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. And the shower wand is absolutely adaptable for any sizer bather, so don´t worry about how tall you are.

Powered Walk-In Bath Tubs

Let us introduce you to the two models of our Powered Walk-In Bath Tubs; The Empower and The Momentum.

The Empower is perfect for people who can´t stand by their own thanks to its power lift chair. All you have to do is to fill the tub with water, sit on the lift chair and voila; enjoy your bath. And the seat is slip-resistant so just relax.

Once you push the button and the power seat will slowly lower into the tub. When you finish your bath, just drain the water and push the button.

Now let´s talk about our Momentum walk in tub. This walk in tub was designed thinking about what a doctor would recommend for a person with extremely limited mobility. Its power lift chair will lift you comfortably.

You will be safe to take your relaxing bath and you will feel like you are in a SPA thanks to its energizing spa jets to soothe and stimulate. If safety is what you are looking for, don´t wait any longer to have one of our baths; your choice will be worth every penny. We wish you good luck!

Ariel Walk In Tubs Review 2016

If you are looking for a walk in tub you are probably aware that these types of tubs were designed to give the elderly and the disabled more comfort and security. Nowadays there are an infinite number of companies making various types of walk in tubs, which make it difficult for the customer to choose between them.

That´s why you need to look carefully about reviewing the products and companies available. What we all customers want in common is definitely to find a high quality walk on tub for an affordable price.

Ariel Walk In Tubs

And that´s why we are to introduce you to Ariel Walk In Tubs.But, you need to know that you´ll be able to find Ariel Walk In Tubs in many companies which provide support of its selling, but there are many things that set each one apart from one another.

But what is Ariel Walk In Tubs?

Ariel Bath is a company known worldwide for selling the best in toilets, vanities and baths tubs for more than 25 years.

Ariel Bath has many types of baths available with different features and options like facet choices, door or no door option, and two options of color; white or chrome. And these walk in tubs are separated in three sections, which are Dual Series, Soaker Series and Air Series. We´ll talk more about each other below.

Ariel Dual Series Walk In Tubs

All Dual Series of Ariel Bath have features like easy entry and exit, 17 inch seat height and 23 inches in width, and an ADA compliant for individual that are handicapped. This model is absolutely secure and comfortable for anyone with disability issues. Dual Series tubs are made of acrylic, which is an easy cleaning material and extremely resistant, and they come equipped with 6 adjustable whirlpool jets and 2 HP heat pumps and an electric water pump motor.

The price varies from store to store, but you can buy one of these for around $2,373.99.

Ariel Air Series Walk In Tubs

First of all, this is called an Air Series because it is equipped with an electric air pump which operates the tub that holds 50 gallons. Thanks to this feature, these tubs will definitely please everyone; form the elderly who just want a relaxing bath, to your kid who needs safety when it comes to bathing.

The price varies from $2,002.99 to $2,639.99 depending on its features.

Ariel Soaker Series Walk In Tubs

This model is different from the two above, because it comes equipped with door and latch with an interior design equipped for the comfort and relaxation of taking a relaxing bath. And, most important, this model is absolutely secure and offers independency to its users. You can leave your kid, someone with disability or a bathing without worrying. That´s the good thing when it comes to walk in tubs, specially Ariel Bath´s models.

This model is available for $1,859.99, 2,319.99, which makes it much cheaper than the Dual and Air Series.

Independent Home Walk in Tub Review 2016

If you´ve never heard of Independent Home, we are here to clear that up for you. Independent Home is a manufacture of walk in tubs.

They have been helping people since 2002, thanks to its high quality walk in bathtubs, and thanks to the assistance that they provide when it comes to installing these walk in tubs.

Independent Home Walk in Tub Review

Independent Home´s products are affordable for anyone to have them in their homes! Independent Home worries with nothing more than with the client´s wishes; and that´s why they create whatever molds their clients want.

They use fiberglass over mold as well as around the frame; and after that they apply fiberglass with gel coat.


Did you think about the type of tub that you want? It doesn´t matter if it is Cube, Celebrity, Acrylic, Imperial or Supreme; Independent Home has all of them. These tubs weigh around 200-500 pounds and you can easily replace your existing tub. Independent Home has a quality compromise with is customers and only sells high quality and durable tubs, perfect for all types of people, respecting their needs.


After this introduction, you are probably dying to know how much you will pay for a Independent Home product. Of course, like any other product, the price varies from one tub to another and from what you want.

To know exactly how much you will pay for your dream tub, you will have to speak directly to a representative of the company. When it comes to installation, it is the same; you will have to speak directly to the company to receive a quote.

Independent Home works with affordable tubs; but you won´t find any tub extremely cheap, because all tubs are made of high quality materials. When it comes to warranty, you won´t have to worry, because Independent Home´s tub come with a great warranty.

Different from companies which warranties work only for a certain time, Independent Home´s tubs come with lifetime warranty. If you think about, that´s a great deal. Whatever goes wrong with your tub, warranty will cover it. And, just to finish this subject, we want you to know that having one of tub for Independent Home installed, is a one-day job; which means that from the day you´ve bought your tub, it will be installed in your bathroom within one day.


You can buy a Independent Home tub online or in specialized stores. If you decide to buy your tub online, all you have to do is fill out a short form, or call them, and someone from the company will contact you.  The company´s factory is located in Long Island, New York, which means their products are made in America.

You can visit their website for more information, and you will be able to see all the products available, plus read complete information about them. You can also call the company on this phone 1.888.313.8827.

We hope this article help you with your choice. We wish you good luck and always buy wisely.

Larmco Walk in Tubs Review 2016

Larmco walk in tubs are the perfect choice for you who is looking for safety, high quality and affordability. Larmco walk in tub are perfect for those with disability and for the elderly.

They will offer a secure way to get out of the tub making you or your loved one to feel independent and confident.

Nowadays, tub are usually a little too deep, which is good because makes you feel relaxed but, it can be very dangerous and difficult to get out of it. But with a  Larmco Walk in Tub you won´t have that problem.

Why is it so good?

A Larmco Walk in Tub has many features which make it so safe and secure adding style and making you feel relaxed. These features are: High purge jets;  fast release drain; anti-scald technology; anti-slip floor, seat and grip bars; mounted door has numerous installation options; an aluminum frame that is long lasting and durable; door is doubled sealed and comes with lifetime warranty; lower threshold reducing the danger of falling and slipping.

Larmco Walk in Tubs are made from 100% solid surface composite that is easy to clean and its water temperatures remain constant with innovative heat system Trademarked locking handle for stress-free and safe exit and entry. It also has six supporting levels and a solid steel frame for optimum support; ozone sanitizer which destroys most bacteria that are associated with diseases and it is bigger than the average model on the market offering comfortable bathing.

Health Benefits

What kind of health benefits could come from a tub? You are probably asking yourself that, and well, we can tell you that when it comes to a Larmco, there are a lot of benefits. When it comes to soaking in a walk in tub, it can be a relaxing therapeutic experience for the elderly and the disabled.

Water has many amazing properties which will relieve pressure on muscles, will increase circulation, and you give a sense of lightness making you feel relaxed all day long, or sleep like an angel. But, if you have a Larmco, then that´s a different story. The Larmco Safe-Step Walk-In-Tub is the top of the line in the market.

They all have patented arthritis relief and are unmatched to safety and comfort. Plus, they have an advantage safety technology.

If you or someone in your family suffers from asthma, arthritis, diabetes, low back pain, muscle, joint & nerve issues and other diseases similar to those, then don´t wait any longer to have your Larmco Walk in Tub.

Larmco Walk in Tubs installations is simples and there´s no need to remodel your bathroom.

They have professional installation and everything will be clean. Warranty is also great; for the tub and the door seal you will have a lifetime warranty.

You can find these tubs in some of the Larmco´s stores. We hope this article help you with your choice, and we can assure you that Larmco Walk in Tubs are safe and one of the bests available on the market.

Envy Walk in Tubs Review

If you are looking for healthy living solutions, especially if you have someone with mobility issues in your home, the best manufacture to assist you nowadays is Envy Walk in Tubs. This company has been pleasing customers for years, and it is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Envy Walk in Tubs only uses high quality materials so we can assure you that you will have a top pf the line walk in tub in your home. Envy Walk in Tubs are assembled by hand, which means each tub will be perfect! It is a strong walk in tub, and easy to install.

Envy Walk in Tubs

These walk in tubs are not only comfortable for those with disability, but also very practical. Thanks to its countered seat, getting up and down will be easy. It also features an ergonomic door handle which will help you to open and close the door with ease.

Do you know what chromotherapy is? This feature helps you to relax with variable colors of light, and is available on the Envy Walk in Tubs. When it comes to walk in tubs, a no leak door is extremely important, and Envy Walk in Tubs have not only that, but also a sealing system which provides a watertight seal.

Envy offers eighteen different models of walk in tub to their customers. They are all equipped with Air and Hydro Therapy Jet System which makes them very therapeutics.

They also come with six hydrotherapy jets and twenty-one air jets to for you to have the best bathing experience of your life with safety and comfort. Another feature that some models of Envy have is the bidet jet which will make you feel fresh and relaxed during your soak. These tubs also come with safety bar for you do not slide and the deck mounted hand held shower long enough for you to sit while bathing.

Another plus about these tubs is that you can stay inside of them as long as you want, and the water you be always warm, thanks to its inline heat system. And, you will be able to control the temperature, the air and hydrotherapy from a touch pad control panel. Envy definitely thinks about everything when comes to walk in tubs.

All models feature a towel rack located on the outside of the entry door, so your towel will always where you can reach it!


Now, if you got interested in these tubs, you are probably wondering about their price. Well, prices vary according to features, but can pay $1,999.99 for the Envy Soaker Small Walk-in Tub for example, or $3,599.99 for the Envy Jetted Cove Walk-in Tub. Envy will offer you a ten year warranty and a life time warranty on the door seal.

You can buy your own Envy online on their website or at their facility which is located at 2340 W. Broadway Ste. 103 in Mesa, Arizona 85202.

We hope this article help you with your choice.

Safe Step Tub Walk in Tub Review

If you have children or elderly at home, you know how worried you get when it comes to bathing. It also very dangeorus and difficult for people with any kind of disability. And, thinking about all those difficulties faced on a daily basis, Safe Step Tub has created the most safe and comfortable for everyone.

Safe Step Tub is a company which started in 2001 and since then has provided safe bathing facilities for resort and hotel´s guests. And nowadays it is considered the largest providers of walk in tubs for homes, thanks to its affordable price and high quality.


Now let´s talk more about Safe Step Tub. They are all have a surface which is slip proof, so everyone will be safe inside of it. When it comes to standard bathtubs, installing them, especially in hotels, take time and a lot of work. But the Safe Step Tub installation is so simple that don´t even notice it.

There are three different types of Safe Step Tub, but they all have features like an in-line water heater, controls easy to reach, a step-up of under four inches, a shower hand that can be held, a locking handle that can easily be operated by anyone, a bathtub seat 17 inches high that is anti-slip and a surface that is easy to clean. You will be able to install a Safe Step Tub where used to be another tub.

It is extremely important, when it comes to safety, the temperature of the water. Safe Step Tub has a technology which keeps the water from getting so hot that can burn you. They also come with a wider door, so to get in and out will be easy in case it need to be done fast; it has an ozone cleaning system; anti-slip seat and floor; grass bars for more safety and purge jets.

As you´ve mentioned before, walk in tubs are a better options for children or people with disabilities, and that´s why Safe Step Tub also sells walk in showers.

The three different models of tubs come with Air Jet Therapy, also known as Gentle Jet, Hydro-Jet Therapy and a Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System. The Air Jet Therapy Systems has 10 water jets and 16 bubble streams that provide relaxing foot, back and leg massages. What else could you ask in a tub?

When it comes to prices, it varies from tub to tub. But, if you take a look around, you will notice that other companies sell tubs similar to the one made by Safe Step Tub more expensive. If buy a tub from Safe Step Tub you will pay 40 or 50 % less.

You can buy them online accessing their website where you will be able to see all the products and information or you can contact them by phone on this number 1-877-415-6780.Their corporate office can be found at 1650 Elm Hill Pike, Ste. 5, Nashville, TN 37210. You won´t regret buying any of their tubs!