The Best Walk-in Tub and Reviews 2019

Walk in tubs are the perfect choice for those who need comfort and safety. They are designed to offer the maximum when it comes to bathing independently. But, you are probably wondering what makes these tubs so especial, and that´s why we´ve made this article.

We are here to introduce you to a completely different world of tubs; forget about the effort you have to make to get into the tub when you have a sore muscle, and forget the worries you have when your loved one needs to bath but can´t do it by their own because of some disability issue.


It doesn´t matter if you are building a new home and want a walk in tub installed in your brand new bathroom; or if you want to replace your existing tub for a walk in one; these tubs were designed to take the place of your existing shower or bathtub. But why they are so secure? To start with, they have a door. That´s right!

A bathtub with a door, so instead of step inside the tub which tends to be very tricky for elders and disabled people, these tubs have a door which opens inward and outward. When you are entering the tub you will feel like entering a room.

Different for standard tub which are usually quite expensive to install; walk in tubs are easy to install, and even if you require for professional help, they won´t put your bathroom down to install it. These tubs are also very flexible because they are made in many sizes, shapes and design, so there will definitely be a walk in tub which will not only suit your especial needs but also your bathroom´s décor! And, if you choose a top of the line walk in tub, you will have in your home a tub with the features of a spa.

What are the benefits of walk in tubs?

Walk in tubs will offer you what every tub should offer; safety. Thanks to its door, the handle bars and the anti-slip seats, bath time won´t be a terror anymore. You will secure to bath and relax, not worrying about falls and injuries.

For elders it will be a gift from Heave! They will be able to have their privacy and wash themselves the way they want without any help.

Now, if you think that these tubs are huge and will occupy a lot of space in your bathroom, well, you are wrong! Like mentioned before, walk in tubs are available in all sizes, shapes and colors, and that´s why your bathroom´s space will be well used, because you will be able to manage everything the way you want.

There are also portable walk in tubs, which are very practical because you can change their position whenever you want to, and the installation is way simpler. Don´t wait any longer and bring comfort and safety to you and to your loved ones.

And, to end up this chapter about the advantages of having a walk in tub, let´s talk about installation. Of course the process will vary from tub to tub, but in general the following steps will help you to prepare your tub.

First, if you already have a tub you will have to remove it beforehand.

Second, you will have to remove a row of tiles. You can use a crowbar to remove the old tub from the wall. After sliding the new tub into the space, ensure the plumbing and drain holes are properly aligned, otherwise it could cause many issues when trying to bathe. Y

ou might be thinking that it is not that simple, and of course it is not, there a few other proceeds that you will need to do, but those are the basics, and they are not difficult for someone who´s done installation before.

How do I maintain and take care of my walk in tub?

After buying your walk in tub, and have it installed, there are few steps you will have to follow to make sure that your tub will last for a long, long time and that you won´t have any problems with.

To keep you tub clean and shinning, make sure to clean it on a daily basis with the proper products; just read the manufacturer’s instructions and your tub you look always clean.

The type of the water that you are going to use to clean your tub will determine whether there are stains or deposits that settle on your tub. Walk in tubs are made of two different material; acrylic and fiber glass.

So, of course the way you will clean; the type of water and products will always vary according to the material, that´s why it is so important to read carefully the instructions.

Walk in Tubs Prices

Walk in tubs are not very different from the regular tubs when it comes to price. It depends on the tub you will buy, including manufacture, size, style, material, features and more. But, a good basic walk in tub can be purchase for $1,150, for example.

But, if you want a top of the line tub, featuring everything you´ve ever dreamed about, you will have to be prepared to pay up to $4000 – $5000.


Let´s introduce you to the two types of materials that walk in tubs are usually made of; starting with fiberglass.

Fiberglass is a lightweight but strong material used in several products. It is a type of plastic which is reinforced by glass fiber. It is especially used in tubs and pools because although it´s not stiff, it is less brittle and much cheaper. It also can be molded into complex shapes and thanks to its strength and weight.

So, since the coating is brittle, it may lose its color or dull during time, that´s why it is extremely important that you only use non-abrasive cleaners, such as hand dishwashing liquids or liquid laundry detergents with a soft scrub product.

There is also an important tip for you to keep your tub shinny and free from mold and bacteria; after you finish your bath, make sure to dry it instantly. Doing it on a daily basis may sound a little exhausting, but believe us; it will save your money, time and energy during the years. So, fiberglass is a great material and if you follow instructions it will be a life-time product.

Now, let´s move on to the other type of material that walk in tubs are made of; acrylic. Acrylic tubs are easy to maintain because they are easy to clean. When used in tubs, the acrylic is heated before being vacuum-formed over the mold of the bathroom to form a waterproof barrier.

To prevent it from scratches use only non-abrasive products so your tub will always look shiny and brand new! Both materials, acrylic and fiberglass, are very similar in quality and look, and that´s why you always have to read instructions to make sure which products you can use without damaging your new tub.

For example, never use wire brushes, steel wool or other abrasives, you can use Epsom Salts but in moderation and don´t use oil-based bath additives either. Find some time to wash your tub, at least once a week with a mild solution of acrylic-friendly cleaner. Cleaning the tub entire system once a month is also a good thing to put on your list. Those tips go to any walk in tub you decide to buy. Taking a good care of our belongings is the best way to make them last and enjoy the most what they have to offer us.

Depending on the model of tub that you choose, which will also depend on your budget, you will have an amazing experience while bathing. These tubs offer independency and you will like you were in a SPA.

There are many features available on the market nowadays, like water jets which provide a gentle massage, relieving you from stress, making your sore muscles to give you a truce. If you are getting a little old, and you´ve noticed that your balance is not the same; if you´ve been falling for no reason and is afraid of bathing in a standard tub, don´t waste any more time and buy a walk in tub.


So, if you are convinced about this article, the next step is to put this into reality and start looking for your perfect bathtub.

Of course, you can find them in specialized stores all over the country or, you can save time and gas, and look for them online. On the internet they have all possible models available for you to check complete information, compare prices and read customers ‘reviews. Make sure to know exactly what you want and need, so you will be satisfy with your product. We hope this article help you and good luck.